An exhibition presents a brief, personal opportunity to meet specific target audiences.

An exceptional design stands out among other displays, attracts more visitors, and results in enhanced business connections and increased sales.

Our studio collaborates with companies that specialize in exhibition designs and planning to offer creative solutions that emphasize the brand’s message and the client’s marketing goals in a clear, direct manner.

etsi exhibition pop up etsi exhibition 3 etsi exhibition 2 etsi exhibition 1
ETSI various exhibitions stand panels design and pop ups. Client: ETSI.
  • watec66_exhib
  • etsi exhibition
  • amdocs_academy66_exhib
  • valor66_exhib
  • ocs66_exhib
  • pinuk baby land
  • dove_men66_exhib
  • iii66_exhib
  • toni66_exhib
  • sika exhibitions
  • milka_t66_exhib
  • lamolizana_t66_exhib
  • perrigo66_exhib
  • novo66_exhib
  • badin66_exhib
  • watec innovation pavilion
  • clear exhibition
  • lipton exhibition
  • snickers train
  • dove exhibitions
  • clear dove
  • rexona truck
  • unilever roll ups
  • ministry of industry trade and labor
  • whiskas66_exhib
  • scr exhibition