Attractive product presentation in Point of Purchase results in higher sales. Our studio specializes in the design of unique Point of Purchase displays and shelf signs.

We collaborate with companies that specialize in the design of marketing displays, to conceptualize and present creative and appropriate solutions that align with the Brand Keeping language and suit each product according to the client’s specifications.

Axe POP Elements. Client: Unilever.
  • axe66_pop
  • badin66_pop
  • rexona66_pop
  • cif66_pop
  • clear66_pop
  • dove66_pop
  • lipton_pop
  • hellmanns66_pop
  • knorr66_pop
  • pinuk_pop
  • snickers66_pop
  • telma_pop
  • mars66_pop
  • jacobs black coffee pop
  • milka66_pop
  • lindt_pop
  • oreo pop
  • domeez